Angela was invited to return as a guest speaker for the Second Annual Summit for Parents of Teens and Tweens held Saturday, October 11th at First Presbyterian on Royal Palm Blvd.  The event was hosted by Beth Walsh Eriksen of, and was attended by parents and loved ones of teenagers seeking to learn how to help their kids flourish in today’s world.  Angela spoke about using NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) as a novel approach to help teens change troublesome thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors.

Attendees were surprised to learn that teens’ health problems like headaches, sleep problems, allergies, acne, weight issues, or chronic pain often have an emotional basis.  Angela noted that when the underlying emotional issue is addressed, the physical complaint often dramatically improves.  Angela also explained that NET can effectively get to the root of the problem in teens who already display emotional issues like low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, insecurity, and fears or behavioral problems like poor grades, becoming withdrawn, substance use, promiscuity, or even self-harm.

Angela ended her talk with a live demonstration of NET.  The audience was amazed by the technique and appreciated the insight into the process.