We are excited to announce that Pam Hosch, AP, of Jacksonville, FL is our first Fellow in the newly created mentor program.  Seeing a need to fill the gap between graduation from acupuncture college and opening a business, Angela King envisioned a program where she could share her knowledge and experience with the right candidate eager to learn.

Angela says, “What we learn in acupuncture school about running a practice is negligible and has little relevance in the real world.  It takes someone with experience, who’s been successful in making a career in this field, to show a beginner the ropes.”  For starters, there is much to learn about office administration, advertising, marketing, event planning, public speaking, insurance billing and advanced treatment techniques.

Pam is a first-year Licensed Acupuncture Physician and attended Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, FL.  She graduated in December, 2013, and recently finished her Board Certification.  Pam moved to Vero from Jacksonville to take the Fellowship position.  She will spend one year shadowing Angela and the other three practitioners at Indian River Acupuncture.  Please welcome her smiling face when you see her around!