NET may very well be the flagship treatment that sets our office apart from others. NET augments a patient’s benefit from treatment because it resolves the stress or emotional component of a health problem.

If you doubt that stress affects the physical body, a simple Google search will open your eyes. Stress is a major contributor to chronic health problems from pain to diabetes and heart disease because it breaks down body function starting at the cellular level. A quick muscle test can help us determine if stress is contributing to your particular health issue.

What does NET help?

Whatever your problem, NET is a fascinating technique that will help you discover and release the emotional blocks or patterns of stress that are preventing you from living a healthy, balanced life. The following examples are meant to illustrate the types of persistent health issues that NET can effectively resolve:

  • A nagging pain that keeps coming back despite your best efforts to keep it at bay
  • Allergies, anxiety, or digestive troubles that persist even though you take daily medicine
  • That extra 20 pounds you can’t lose, or have lost time and again, after failing multiple diets and regardless of your knowledge of healthy eating
  • An unhappy relationship that you can’t walk away from
  • A feeling of lack of purpose or motivation in your life

Is this just New Age Hogwash?

Hardly! NET is firmly rooted in neuroscience, especially the work of Paul McLean, PhD, as well as in Pavlov’s classical conditioning, and Chinese medicine principles. Dr. Daniel Monti, MD, Doctor, Professor and researcher at Thomas Jefferson University is one of the teachers of the NET technique. He is currently leading a study to investigate the changes in the brain on functional MRI (fMRI) of trauma patients after they receive NET treatment.

Read more about NET research or donate to the cause

How do I know if I need NET?

If your ailment is physical, your practitioner can test to determine if there is a blocked emotion or pattern of stress contributing to your physical problem. However, you likely need NET if you experience frequent anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, and negative or pessimistic thinking.

You also need NET if your life isn’t working the way you wish it would. When you are not 100% emotionally aligned with what you wish to do, be or have, then it will evade your experience. Think about it, if your rational, logical, conscious mind was truly in charge, you’d already be doing or being or have what you desire, because you “thought” about it and “decided” on it long ago. But, if your desires are not manifesting, then you are subconsciously out of kilter. NET is extremely effective at eliminating these blocks and helping you to create the life you truly want to be living.

How will I feel?

Most patients report a sense of feeling lighter and less preoccupied with situations or people on which they had been previously dwelling. Patients are able to feel more neutral about something that was invoking worry, frustration, anger, resentment or fear. This shift allows them to turn their attention and energy to creating more positive life experiences. Patients with physical issues complicated by emotional stress often see their stubborn ailment resolve more quickly, with a drastically reduced rate of recurrence.

NET has to be experienced first-hand to fully understand and trust the process. Once you start unraveling the blocks, healing progresses exponentially.

NET Treatment Options

A simple NET clearing may be included with your acupuncture treatment at no additional charge.
NET Intensives are for patients wanting to do the deeper work that requires more time and practitioner expertise. NET Intensives provide in-depth treatment of emotional issues such as trauma, relationship and family problems, childhood behavioral problems, life changes, purpose and goal achievement, negative mindset reprogramming, and spiritual exploration.
NET Intensives do not include acupuncture and are scheduled for 45 minutes face to face with your practitioner. You may request NET Intensives when scheduling or we can decide together what would be best for you. Many of our patients see one practitioner for NET intensives and another for acupuncture. We enjoy this team approach, and our patients appreciate the diversity.


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