Our practitioners are all certified in AcuPoint Injection Therapy. This technique requires an additional 60 hours of training beyond the regular curriculum in acupuncture college. The injections are given in the dermal layer of the skin, not into the muscle or vein. We use sterile precautions, and the procedure is extremely safe and well-tolerated.

Vitamin B12

Feeling tired and lethargic? You may be low in vitamin B12. We can order a lab test to determine your B12 level, and if it’s not optimal we may recommend a series of B12 injections. We use specially compounded, preservative-free methylcobalamin, the most bio-available form of B12. Using a tiny needle, B12 is injected into an acupuncture point on the lower leg, making it virtually painlessly. After a patient’s B12 levels become normal again, we often see their energy and mental-fogginess improve.

Homeopathic Medicine Injections

Sometimes stubborn pain needs more than just acupuncture. AcuPoint Injection Therapy for pain relief can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with acupuncture for an extra boost. We use homeopathic injectables manufactured by the German company, HEEL. These include Traumeel for muscle aches and pains, Zeel for joint pains, and Neuralgo-Rheum for nerve pain. We often combine the injectables to address pain of multiple origins. AcuPoint Injection Therapy is well tolerated by most patients.