You do not have to be sick to benefit from acupuncture! Wellness is the art of keeping the body balanced and the Qi flowing freely in the midst of modern life.

Regular Wellness Care can help you:

  • Prevent disease
  • Detect early signs of developing health problems
  • Maintain the results you have received from acupuncture
  • Keep you feeling balanced and healthy

You Might Be Surprised…

Even though you may not have any terribly bothersome symptoms, we can often detect underlying imbalances in your body that would eventually begin causing problems. During your first visit, we will thoroughly examine you to identify any emotional blocks, patterns of stress, food or environmental sensitivities, and poor lifestyle habits that could become problematic. We will also review the nutritional supplements you’re taking and help determine if they’re benefitting you. We’ll also advise you on any supplements you might be missing that are necessary to keep you healthy and well. You may also want to explore the menu of innovative lab tests we offer, as these tests give us an in-depth look at how well your body systems are functioning.

Wellness Care Appointments

Most people receive Wellness Care treatments either monthly or quarterly with the change of seasons. This helps the body stay in tune with the changes going on in the environment as this is when we are most prone to developing illness.


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