welcomenoteA personal note from Angela King, AP, DOM

I believe we were created to experience profound joy, vibrant health, radiant vitality, inner peace, and abundance in all things.  That may seem hopefully optimistic and undoubtedly unrealistic to those of you suffering with physical and emotional health problems.  But, in reality, what’s the alternative?  To believe that we were meant to suffer and feel miserable, and just “deal with it” until we die?  Not you!  Not me!  I now refuse to claim that reality, although I was once there.

In my early 20’s, I was suffering with debilitating migraine headaches and I felt like life was a struggle at best.  I was in constant pain, frustrated with my career, in a bad relationship, and quite unhappy.  The pain medications only treated the symptoms, but did nothing to stop the migraines from returning.  Taking a pill just wasn’t enough, and so I began searching for a better way.

A friend introduced me to Classical Homeopathic medicine and I found acupuncture both in 1997.  What a year!  I began to get acupuncture treatments, and after a few months, my migraines were gone and I felt better in so many ways.  Part of my treatment included Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).  This amazing technique really helped me to eliminate the underlying emotional blocks that were contributing to my migraines and my unhappiness.  I began to view the body as more than physical; I saw it as an inseparable whole; mind, body and spirit.  I understood that all components had to be in balance and in good working order for me to truly feel well.

Because this medicine changed my life, I knew it could work for others, too.  I deeply wanted to help people overcome their physical and/or emotional health challenges and experience greater joy and freedom in their lives.  So, in 2003, I left my career in mental health to become an acupuncture physician.

For all my patients, I hold the highest and best vision for healing, even when it may seem impossible.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by aiming for optimal health.  No matter what your health concern, I promise to do my best to help you feel better.  By working together, we can create a healthier, happier you… naturally!