Below are the most common questions we’re asked when someone is considering giving our services a try.  If you don’t see your question below, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Acupuncture is virtually painless. The most common reaction we hear after inserting the first needle is, “Oh, that’s it? I didn’t even feel it!” A momentary prick may be felt as the needle is first inserted, followed by a brief sensation of dull pressure, tingling, or warmth. This indicates the activation of your body’s qi, or energy. We’ll be sure to monitor your comfort level to ensure a pleasant experience. Most people are amazed by how relaxed they feel during treatment.  Many become so relaxed they often fall asleep!

As long as acupuncture is performed by a competent practitioner, it is extremely safe. Acupuncturists are required to use disposable needles that are discarded into a medical sharps container after one use, so there is no risk of cross-infection. Acupuncturists are also well trained in anatomy, needling depth and clean needle technique to ensure your safety.

Please see the list of conditions our practitioners have successfully treated with acupuncture. If you do not see your health concern listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t help! Please contact us and we will be glad to talk with you.

No. While having a positive attitude helps with any type of treatment, conventional or otherwise, it is not necessary to “believe” in acupuncture for it to work. As a matter of fact, many of our happiest patients are those who were extremely skeptical in the beginning, and had fantastic results anyway! Proof also lies in the successful treatment of animals and small children with acupuncture who cannot be considered to “believe” in its effectiveness.

We now have a Medical Doctor (MD) on staff who quit practicing conventional medicine so she could practice acupuncture instead! For more on Dr. Christine Nielson, click here:

Many MDs are referring their patients for acupuncture as part of an integrative treatment plan. In our practice, we have a collaborative relationship with several local MD’s who refer us patients because they trust our quality of care. We also have had the privilege of treating local MD’s and DO’s with acupuncture and NET for problems ranging from morning sickness, to asthma and allergies, to supportive cancer care.

On a national level, every one of the following prestigious medical centers offers acupuncture services: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Sloan Kettering, Duke University Medical Center, and Brigham Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. These facilities are on the cutting edge of integrative medicine research and treatment. Since acupuncture has earned its position in such highly regarded medical centers, no doctor should discredit its value.

With acupuncture becoming increasingly mainstream, there are more acupuncturists than ever to choose from.  Our suggestion is to find someone whose treatment philosophy matches your healthcare goals, with whom you feel comfortable, and who demonstrates a high level of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to patient care.  Talk with the acupuncturist directly either by phone or in-person (we offer a complimentary consultation), visit the office and see if the environment resonates with you, talk with current patients about their experiences or read testimonials, peruse the acupuncturist’s literature, browse their website or social media pages, talk to their staff, or ask your current medical doctor for a referral.  Above all, do your research, and base your decision on what matters most to you.

This is unique to the individual and depends on a number of factors such as duration and severity of your ailment, your overall health, and your lifestyle. All of the information gathered in the New Patient Exam is used to recommend an initial course of acupuncture treatment. For most chronic conditions, visits are scheduled twice weekly for 2-6 weeks in order to determine your body’s response to acupuncture. The goal of your initial phase of treatment is alleviation of symptoms. Your pain, or other main symptom, may be reduced or entirely relieved from the very first treatment, or it may improve more gradually over time.

Our promise to you is this: We will do everything we know to help you feel better; however, if you do not respond favorably to acupuncture during this time, we will discharge you from care, and will not waste your time, our time, and your money promising results we cannot deliver.

Assuming you are feeling better and are noticing positive changes in your health and wellbeing, continuing to come for treatment will deepen the healing process beyond the mere alleviation of symptoms. At this point, we expand our focus on the underlying imbalances that caused your symptoms to appear. Although some people choose to stop treatment once their pain or main symptom is gone, many choose to schedule additional visits because they understand the enormous benefit continued care provides for their long-term health. Treatments in this phase may be reduced to weekly or bi-weekly depending on the individual. Keep in mind, if you’ve had a health problem for more than a few years, it may take some time and effort to create optimal wellbeing. But considering the alternative, we think you’re worth the investment!

Once you have obtained maximum benefit from treatment, you may choose to move on to Wellness Care. Wellness treatments are designed to maintain your results, keep your body healthy and prevent disease. Depending on your needs, Wellness treatments are given once monthly or quarterly, at the change of seasons.

Absolutely not! Acupuncture is the best preventive medicine. If you’re not currently experiencing any health problems, we can help your keep it that way!  More and more people are discovering that it’s much easier, safer and cost effective to maintain good health while you have it. Imagine your car….it runs smoother, performs better, and has fewer problems when you keep it well-maintained rather than neglecting it and then having to pay for extensive and expensive repairs down the road. You might even have to trade it in prematurely for a newer model because it has too many problems and it’s not worth fixing….well, you don’t have that option with your body!

The fee for your initial visit (New Patient Exam) varies depending on which practitioner you see, the amount of time spent with you, and the complexity of your case. Follow-up visits also vary depending on the factors listed above. Please call the office, and our Office Manager will gladly explain our fees in more detail.

Treatment packages are offered in quantities of 6 or 12 for significant savings. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. 

Many insurance companies now provide coverage for acupuncture. Please contact our office with your insurance information, and our Billing Manager will call your insurance company to determine benefits. If you have coverage for acupuncture, and payment can be assigned to us, we will bill your insurance company directly to collect payment.

Indian River Acupuncture is open M-F from 8a to 7:00p.  You can always reach the front desk during these hours.  Our practitioners begin seeing patients as early as 8:00a and take the last patients as late as 5:30p or 6:00p.

Acupuncturists are licensed as Primary Health Care Providers in the state of Florida, and do not require referral by a physician.  However, we are happy to communicate with your doctor about your treatment here.