ETPS (Electro Transcutaneous Point Stimulation)

The ETPS is a handheld micro-current device that detects and stimulates acupuncture points with minute amounts of electricity.  This treatment is especially effective to relieve pain.  ETPS is also our treatment of choice for children.  They love the machine and are intrigued by its cool beeping sounds and flashing lights!  ETPS allows us to give kids an effective acupuncture treatment without needles.


While generally less stimulating than acupuncture, acupressure can be used to treat patients without needles.  One benefit to acupressure is that the patient can be taught how to do this at home, reinforcing what is done in the office.  Frequent repetition is needed to achieve results.

Stim-Flex 400/Auricular Therapy

The Stim-Flex 400 is a sophisticated machine used to painlessly stimulate the acupuncture points in the ear for auricular therapy.  The ear is a micro-system, meaning that the whole body is mapped out in the ear.  Therefore, almost any disorder or pain can be treated using the ear.  We especially like treating the ear for pain, addiction, weight loss, and stress reduction.

Ear seeds/pellets

Ear seeds are often used in the treatment of pain, addiction and weight loss, and ADHD in children.  Seeds are very small pellets made of an actual vaccaria seed or a stainless steel, gold, or silver pellet.  They are applied to the chosen AcuPoints in the ear, and left on for up to 5 days.  The patient stimulates these points by pressing or squeezing the seeds routinely.

Acu Point Injection Therapy

This technique is mainly used in the treatment of pain.  We may incorporate this method when acupuncture is not giving enough relief or when the pain is so severe, the patient needs an extra boost.  Homeopathic remedies are injected into acupuncture points with a very thin needle under sterile precautions.  The medicine is injected into the intradermal layer of the skin, not into the muscle or vein.  While not as painless as acupuncture, it is well tolerated by most patients.