Many of you are searching for better solutions to your chronic health problems. Some of you may be feeling good, and are looking for natural ways to stay healthy and prevent disease. Others may want to regain emotional balance in their lives. Whatever your journey, we welcome you, and are excited to be part of your healthcare team.


Please take your time filling out the paperwork; the details help us to better help you.



New Patient Exam
Your initial visit to our office is for your New Patient Exam. This visit is of utmost importance as the information we obtain in this visit helps us determine your Chinese medical diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. Your first visit usually lasts about 1.5 hours.

What happens during my first visit?

  • We will start by exploring your chief complaint, or main reason for coming. We will also review your medical history and any other bothersome symptoms you may be experiencing. All symptoms are important as they help us to make connections between organs and uncover patterns of disharmony in your body.
  • Next, we will conduct a traditional Oriental Medical exam consisting of tongue and pulse diagnosis. We are able to see and feel changes in the tongue and pulse that tell us which of your organ systems is out of balance. Some of our practitioners use muscle testing to evaluate “blocks” in the flow of Qi in your body. We can determine if these blocks are energetic, structural, emotional/stress-related, and/or caused or exacerbated by certain food or environmental sensitivities. The more information we gather, the better we can address all factors contributing to your health concerns.
  • If necessary, we may order lab work to more thoroughly investigate your body’s functioning. Depending on your symptoms, we may check thyroid function, adrenal function, blood sugar, cholesterol, Vit D, Vit B-12, or neuro-transmitter levels. For more about the innovative testing we offer, click here:
  • After your exam, our recommendations for treatment will be communicated clearly to you so that you are fully aware of your diagnosis and treatment process. We will provide you with educational materials to help you understand your health problem from an Oriental medical perspective. We will also advise you on self-care techniques that you can do at home to maximize your results.


Please bring to your first visit…
1. Your completed New Patient paperwork, or arrive at least 30 minutes early to complete.
2. Your most recent blood work and any imaging reports you may have about your issue.
3. A list of your current medications and vitamins/supplements. We want to make sure what you are taking is necessary and of good quality.
4. Any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and starting your journey to better health!